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Movie Music

Students in 7th and 8th Grade created soundtracks for movies using JamStudio.  I LOVE how creative they were!  Listen and see if you agree with their choices and arrangements.  Feel free to leave comments below!

Movie Genre: Romantic Comedy
A montage of a newly married couple shows them at their wedding, on the beach at their honeymoon, moving into their first house and having their first dinner as husband and wife.
Movie Genre: Romantic Comedy
Boy meets girl. A montage of fun dates plays. Lots of sunshine. Lots of smiles.
Movie Genre: Historical Film
Set during the period of westward expansion in the United States, this movie chronicles their journey in their covered wagon to new land.
Movie Genre: Science Fiction
Oh no! Galactar has broken through the Mars Defense perimeter. An all out space battle is taking place!
Movie Genre:
Whoops! I don't have Christina's description!
Movie Genre:Action/Adventure
An undercover agent is working at an underground Disco Dance Club to infiltrate the mob.
Movie Genre: Action/Adventure
A wild motorcycle loving woman straps on her weapon and sets out to find the evil mastermind that killed her mother.
David T
Movie Genre: Comedy
Set in the 1950s when rock and roll was young and fun, this gang of teenagers is hanging out in a roller rink.
Movie Genre: Cartoon Feature
Oh no! That rascally racoon has escaped and is headed straight to the chocolate factory. He is being chased by talking peppermint sticks driving rickety fire engines.
Movie Genre: Action/Adventure
A swashbuckling crew of pirates sings, dances and runs all over the ship as they final come to the island that they believe holds buried treasure.
Movie Genre: Science Fiction
Aliens have landed in St. Louis. A cautious crowd gathers to watch the aliens slowly descend from their ship.
Movie Genre: Action/Adventure
A suave and sophisticated detective has broken it to a top security building and is now risky a daring escape.
Movie Genre: Drama
A lonely widow women changes her life by buying a hip, downtown jazz club.
Movie Genre: Fantasy
A small tribe of fairies set out on a mission to save Everywhere Land. They cross the enchanted forest and now are soaring above the blue and purple waters of Oceanica.
Movie Genre: Comedy
A group of college kids set out on a spring break adventure. Their luggage is packed and they have all piled into a Mustang convertible.
Movie Genre: Western
Oh no! A fight has broken out in the local saloon.

iTune Out Drugs - - - Hurray for Red Ribbon Week!

I just LOVE this year's Red Ribbon Week theme: iTune Out Drugs, Our School ROCKS Drug Free!  In preparing for this fun week (which features days like "Heavy Metal Hair Day") we are decorating the school.  There are guitars hung in the hall ways and musical banners hanging for everyone to see.  I have a couple of bulletin boards up.

This board is in the main hallway and displays a HUGE iPod.  The songs on the playlist are "My Mind is Mine", "I Will Dare", "Drug Free Me", "Too Smart to Start" and  "Drugs Stink".  Follow the links on these songs to purchase a copy for your iPod or MP3 player at home.
I know.  I just love things that are punny!  This clever wall display runs down the hallway by the music room.  on the keys students have illustrated activities they can do instead of doing drugs.

Band and Choir members created their own display for Red Ribbon Week.  Their iPods contain drug free messages and they are held by hands that students traced and cut out.

Here's a bulletin board that you can download, print and post.

Beat Leaders

Steady beat is a skill that we work on at all grade levels.  A fun activity that we do in third grade is called "Beat Leaders".  Students work in groups of 4 or 5 and practice different ways to show steady beat.  Clapping, patting, nodding, stomping, etc... are some basic ways to do this.  These clever third graders used moves like flapping, poking and air punches to show the beat!  This activity can be done anywhere.  Just turn on some music.  I like to piece instrumental pieces so that the words don't distract from find the beat.

Spelling with a Bottle Cap Staff

Using a staff and a hand full of bottlecaps, students in Fourth Grade practiced reading pitches on the treble clef staff.  This skill will be quite valuable when they start recorders in the spring.  Working with partners, students created words with the musical alphabet (A B C D E F and G) and then their partner had to use the bottle caps to "spell" the word on the staff.  Students plotted words like baggage, cafe, add, Gabe, bag and more.

Pumpkins make the Prettiest Music!

Pumpkin on a Fencepost

Pumpkin on a fencepost
shining in the sun
I see your orange color
I know that fall has come.
take you back to my house
make your eyes and smile
warm you with a candle
and keep you for a while!
Pumpkin, pumpkin
Jack-o-lantern. BOO!
Poem by Mrs. King

Coming Soon:  First Graders perform this poem as a scale song.

Body Percussion Projects

Third and Fourth graders are great rhythm readers and even better rhythm song writers!  In this activity students used their knowledge of note values to create rhythm patterns using body percussion.  We used stomping, patsching, clapping and snapping in our songs. 

Instead of using the traditional five lined staff, we used a four line staff.  Each line represented one of the following: stomp, pat, clap or snap.  Students then notated which body percussion element to use by writing the note on its line.  Students created some fabulous songs!  In the pictures above, students work with partners to  create patterns and them perform them.

Soundtracks of Our Lives

Students in 7th and 8th Grade General Music have created Soundtracks of Their Life.  This project demonstrates their skills at arranging music and making appropriate choices about style, genre and mood to reflect their personality and emotions as of 2:15 p.m. on September 28, 2009.  They utilized the software at JamStudio to make these MP3s.

Aaron  \  Alissa  \  Brady  \  Brett  \   Christina  \  CodyR  \  Dakota  \  DavidT  \  Dylan  \  Josh  \  Justin  \  KodyB

Sabrina7  \  Sabrina8  \  Shawna  \  TylerC  \  TylerK  \  Veronica

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