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iTune Out Drugs - - - Hurray for Red Ribbon Week!

I just LOVE this year's Red Ribbon Week theme: iTune Out Drugs, Our School ROCKS Drug Free!  In preparing for this fun week (which features days like "Heavy Metal Hair Day") we are decorating the school.  There are guitars hung in the hall ways and musical banners hanging for everyone to see.  I have a couple of bulletin boards up.

This board is in the main hallway and displays a HUGE iPod.  The songs on the playlist are "My Mind is Mine", "I Will Dare", "Drug Free Me", "Too Smart to Start" and  "Drugs Stink".  Follow the links on these songs to purchase a copy for your iPod or MP3 player at home.
I know.  I just love things that are punny!  This clever wall display runs down the hallway by the music room.  on the keys students have illustrated activities they can do instead of doing drugs.

Band and Choir members created their own display for Red Ribbon Week.  Their iPods contain drug free messages and they are held by hands that students traced and cut out.

Here's a bulletin board that you can download, print and post.


  1. Love this! Where did you get the templates for the iPod's?

  2. I did a similar board by covering my door, which is already the shape of an iPod. I made a white rectangle for the screen and wrote "iTune Out Drugs with my Favorite Songs!" Then I gave the students small rectangular pieces of cardstock and crayons, and I let them design their own mp3 player (and "skin", of course) and list their current favorite song on the screen. All of the little iPods were attached to my big iPod. They had a blast, and I loved the fact that they could express themselves through design and their favorite music. It inspired a lot of conversation about musical styles. After Red Ribbon Week, they all wanted to take home their own little iPod!

  3. Do you have a theme song that you use for this? We are planning on using this idea for Red Ribbon Week and would like to tie it all together with a song that the kids could rock out on. Let me know. Thanks.

  4. I like D.A.R.E. by Teresa Jennings.

  5. Hi Mrs. King -

    Thanks for the inspiration. I adapted your ITunes board after seeing it at Learning With Mrs. Parker ... it's posted today at the Corner on Character with a link back.

    The Corner On Character