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I Know An Old Lady-The Remix!

In First Grade music we have learned the song "I Know an Old Lady".  First we read and sang the book.  Next we used the Old Lady doll to sing the song.  Each first grader got to hold one of the animals and feed it to the old lady when that part of the song came along.  Next, we re-wrote this classic using animals, people and objects that we thought up!  You can see some of the 1st graders' work below.  We are using first grade spelling, so if you can't figure out a word just try sounding it out.

A shark?  A dinosaur?  A piano?  lol.  The old lady was certainly hungry in these new versions.  The lyrics to these new and fun songs are displayed outside the music room door.  The old lady is there too!

You can grab the worksheets for this activity HERE.

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