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Buns Cross Hot

Nope.  Not a typo!  In 4th grade we played "Hot Cross Buns" and then mixed the notes up a bit to create harmony and played "Buns Cross Hot".  Enjoy our impromptu performance!

Old MacDonald Re-Mix

Old MacDonald Remix by Tracy King

Second Graders have rewritten a classic!  We analyzed the lyrics to Old MacDonald and found patterns.  Then we created new lyrics that worked with the patterns we found.  Here are some great examples:

Mr. Peyton had a school. EIEI-O
and at his school he had a door. EIEI-O
With a knock knock here and a knock knock there
Here a knock, there a knock, everywhere a knock knock
Mr. Peyton had a school. EIEI-O
-by P. L.

Mrs. Kincaid had a class. EIEI-O
and in her class she had some kids. EIEI-O
With a yak yak here and a yak yak there.
Here a yak, there a yak, everywhere a yak yak.
Mrs. Kincaid had a class. EIEI-O

Mr. Cosmo had a school. EIEI-O
and in his school he had a soda machine. EIEI-O
With a bbbkkssh here and a bbkkssh there
Here a bbbkkssh, there a bbbkkssh, everywhere a bbkkssh.
Mr. Cosmo had a school. EIEI-O

Some Links We Love

Looking for something musical to do at home?  Try these links:

April Happenings

Like the rest of the world we are testing this month.  Then we are testing and then testing a little more!  This year to get pumped up for testing we chose an awesome theme-Rock the Test!  Here are some pictures from our Rock the Test Parent's Night.  This was a fun evening that put parents and students "on tour" as a rock band.  They traveled from "gig" to "gig" to do science, math and comm arts activities.  They stopped at Noteworthy Nutrition and the Rock and Roll Cafe for yummy treats and everyone got an opportunity to rock out in a Rock Band room.

For our ASSEMBLY we had "Test Taking Idol" where students sang answers to questions that could be on a test and one tiny little Grammy Awards.  Choir members led the group in singing "We will, we will ROCK the test!" (with our apologies to Queen *smiling*).  The highlight of the event was the teachers/staff air guitar contest.  You can see it here.  Rock on Coach McCoy.  Rock on.

Parachutes and Preschool



Preschoolers experimented with parachutes and performed patterns of up and down.  Students had a great time moving rhythmically to "Old Dan Tucker".

Air Guitar Contest at Rock the Test Rally

Jump Bands =Tinikling Fun!

Okay, I must admit...I haven't really studied up on a variety of techniques for tinikling.  We just "jumped" right in with a few simple patterns.  Band and Choir members tried out the Jump Bands (which take the place of the bamboo poles in traditional tinikling).  Videos and more info will probably appear here before the year is out.  :-)