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Choir Performs at Veteran's Assembly

Choir performed "Proud of Our Veterans" at the Veteran's Day assembly.  You can see more pictures of this event HERE.

Five Smart Turkeys

Preschoolers and Kindergarteners are counting turkeys!  They have learned that some turkeys are quite clever as they listened to the song "Five Smart Turkeys".  They counted turkeys and colored pictures to help them remember this fun song.

First Graders Keep the Beat

This week First Graders used classroom instruments to keep steady.  They used triangles, tambourines, woodblocks and maracas.

Preschoolers Make Like Trees

but they didn't leave!  They just danced like leaves!  Using the song "Autumn Leaves" and colorful scarves, preschoolers demonstrated how leaves fall from trees and then dance in the wind.  The scarves were purchased with a grant from Donors Choose. org.  You can help fund our next project!  Every donation..even $1 helps us get closer to our goal!  Click HERE to learn more.

Composing in 1st and 2nd Grades

Composing is fun!  First and Second Graders used their knowledge of rhythms to compose their own songs this week.  Second Graders composed songs that they could clap and share with others.  First Graders composed songs to be performed with rhythm sticks.  Look closely at the pictures to see their awesome work!

See the Music: Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata"

Kindergarten students have been learning to identify musical opposites like loud/soft, fast/slow, smooth/bumpy and high/low.  This week we added another element to listen for:  mood.  Students listened to several classical examples and identified the musical opposites they heard and then decided what the music could be about based on what they heard.  Some songs that were in a minor key and are slow remind us of sad things.   Songs that were fast with many drums remind us of parades. 

For our project, students listened to Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata".  This beautiful piece of piano music facilitated a great discussion about the composer's intent.  Some students heard a song that might be played after a war, others heard funeral music, some heard music for dancing and others heard music that reminded them of walking outside at night.  I was delighted at how insightful they were!  These are the pictures that this song inspired.